Learn to be confident & assertive

Whether it’s meeting new people, being more assertive at work, speaking in public, being your best in an interview – you can learn to be more confident and assertive. Choose from a one day course, online learning or one to one coaching. You’ll soon start to seize opportunities, achieve more and feel confident out of your comfort zone.

  • Speak up & be heard. Stand up for yourself. Say No! Don’t be a Yes person.
  • Be more charismatic & influential. Give a confident first impression.
  • Feel more motivated & positive. Boost your self esteem & self belief
  • Overcome nerves and self doubt when you’re outside your comfort zone.


All about our Confidence courses & Assertiveness training

One day Courses

We run two one day courses; a self confidence course and an assertiveness course. The self confidence course is about building your confidence levels and self esteem. It’s about having the confidence to do the things you tend to shy away from, feeling equal to others and standing up for yourself. It’s also about having the self confidence to take a step forward, not back. The assertiveness course is about being more influential, being heard, saying No and coming across impressively. It will help you to adapt the way you communicate with people so that they listen.

Both the assertiveness and the self confidence course are run monthly in London, Bristol and Birmingham. They cost £249 per person and normally run from 9.30am to 4.30pm.
Our assertiveness and confidence courses are popular because we never take more than six people on each one. That means we can focus on each person’s specific reasons for coming.

You can find out more about our one day assertiveness and self confidence courses here

Online Learning

We believe learning should be continuous. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive library of professional and engaging learning resources. Our Learning Platform makes it possible to learn anytime, anywhere. All our resources are created by experts and are bundled into an easy to follow ‘category’ and ‘series’ format. Each series is made up of videos, personality tests and handy downloads covering all aspects of personal development.

Our online learning is available as a membership subscription with a flexible pricing plan.

Find out more and take control of your learning.

Tailored Training

For groups with similar training needs, we can tailor a training solution that gets right to the heart of your specific requirements and objectives. We can be flexible with timings, date, venue and delegate numbers. We charge per day, not per delegate and normally take a maximum of 12 people per course.

We can tailor our assertiveness and self confidence courses to take into account the reality of your team’s working environment; we steer clear of theory. We’re careful not to lecture people; we encourage participation because we believe that’s the key to a really effective course.

Our tailored courses can cover topics relating to self confidence, assertiveness, presentations skills, communication, time management, motivation and personal effectiveness.

If you have one individual with specific requirements we also offer one to one confidence, assertiveness and presentation skills coaching. We work with individuals from all levels of seniority and industry sector and tailor one to one coaching programmes to suit. We understand that different people have different wants, needs and aspirations. One to one coaching is ideal if you have a person who wants to work confidentially or has time constraints.

You’ll work with a professional coach who has a unique combination of business and behavioural knowledge. The length of the coaching programme will depend on your specific needs and objectives and the session(s) can be arranged to suit your timeframe.

Our coaching sessions are normally between 2 and 3 hours long and can be run at your office or at a venue of your choice. Sessions can be staggered to give people a chance to try out new ideas.

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