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One day Confidence Building Course

Stand up for yourself and act more confidently

Communicate a confident first impression

Feel more motivated and positive

Boost your self esteem and self belief

The Think Confidence Reality Check

How do other people see you?
Have you ever wondered what other people think of you but are too scared to ask? Our unique Reality Check questionnaire will give you the honest answers.


One day Assertiveness at Work Course

Speak up and be heard amongst your colleagues

Say NO! rather than be a 'Yes' person

Be more charismatic and influential

Tackle conflict, not avoid it or give in

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Meet our principal trainer

The Think Confidence Conflict Questionnaire

How do you deal with conflict?
Discover the instinctive way you react when dealing with difficult people. Why does this matter? Can you say NO when you need to?


What's the difference between
Confidence Building and Assertiveness?

The confidence course is about boosting your confidence levels and self esteem. It's about having the confidence to do the things you tend to shy away from. It's about feeling equal to others and standing up for yourself. It's about having the self confidence to take a step forward, not back.

The assertiveness course is about being more influential, it's about being heard and coming across impressively. It's about adapting the way you communicate with people so that they listen. It's about speaking up, not hiding. It's about saying No when you should.

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Find lots more Personality Questionnaires on our Learning Platform

Developed by experts. Our multiple choice questionnaires will reveal your personal strengths and areas for development.


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